Nougat was a short-lived print magazine published in Lincoln by Matt and Caryn Silcock. Two issues made it out in a year's time, chock full of writing that was so-so to excellent, and artwork that took a sort of black-on-white Bananafish/Muckraker vibe to nice areas. We're pretty proud of these issues, though some of the writing really does suck. Still, they're fairly nice things to thumb through and hold.

A lot of the good stuff that appeared in these magazines will appear here, along with new stuff, as time allows. However, there are about 10 or 20 copies laying around of these mags. No more will ever be printed. If you'd like to order some, they're six dollars for the set, postpaid, or four dollars apiece, while supplies last. Send check, money order, or well-concealed cash to NOUGAT, P.O. Box 81673, Lincoln, NE 68501 USA. Overseas customers add two dollars (US) to your order.

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