A Literary Quarterly Published by High-Knee On-Line

issue number one


The Songwriter's Oath
by Thomas Irvin (songwriter, adman)

An Interview with William Hooker

Christmas Time
Poem by William Hooker

Van Halen, a lament

Art-Scene Report
prose by Jay Bayles.

Pat Noecker Interviews the USA

Poetry by Justin Firestone

So Much Music, So Much Time
Music column by Brad Sonder.

Lullaby for the Working Class
Tour diary by Matt Silcock.

The High-Knee One Hundred
a/k/a "The Office Ambience."

Pen-and-Ink Drawings by Jason Merritt
A series of five--as pictured above and in/on the first print issue of NOUGAT.

(subject matter unrevealed)
by one J. Petersen

NOUGAT--the print magazine

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