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Most of these links are contacts, however tactile, with the sound of the underground, as available on today's internet and beyond. (November 1999-November 2000.) The sound of the underground being the sweet flowing soul music that is being made in every city in the world by rarely the rich and mostly the meek. From folk music to free jazz to garage rock to psychedelic to electronic to punk to noise to NOW. Click on, o ye lover of interesting music(s).

Public Eyesore
If you missed it on the catalog page, this is a label based in Iowa that brings you electro/acoustic improv/free/weird musics from all over the world. No one knows how they do it...but this might be the most accomplished CDR label of all time. We realize that says very little, but PE really is accomplished. And they're doing vinyl and real CDs as well.

The 'freenoise' genre from New Zealand has become so extensive that the scene already has its own 'hidden greats' or 'unsung heroes.' (i.e. musicians who haven't recorded for Corpus Hermeticum) This website and label will get you up to speed on two of the biggies, the CM Ensemble and Peter Wright.

Vice Magazine

Unread Records
Based in Omaha, Nebraska, a very worthy entry into the bedroom psych cassette underground....featuring releases by Will Simmons, Gang Wizard, Celesteville, Jarbaby, and several more....including something forthcoming by local boys MCMS...

The Motherpage
A great discography of Parliament-Funkadelic. Not the best looking graphically, but a very large amount of work, knowledge, and appreciation went into this.

FDR Tapes
It's good to know that someone's running a crinkled noise underground label in Des Moines, Iowa that has put out tons of unknown cassettes, does performances, etc. FDR is also working on a year 2000 time capsule made up of multi-artist collage recordings. Submit yours today, o noiznik. As for Des Moines, I can speak from experience that it's hard to do anything fun in that town, so next time I have to visit, I'm hangin' with FDR.

Lincoln Zine
An online magazine covering the arts of Lincoln, Nebraska! Just launched. Covering the arts in Lincoln is sort of like covering kangaroo activity in East Lansing or the growth of actual spinach at the bottom of drained swimming pools. Not much to write about, as it were. However, one of the editors was a cohost of the legendary Words program on KRNU and also the leader of the Atomic Pigs, so expect a refreshing 'underground' approach that just might save this latest attempt. Bon voyage, yon e-editors!

Burning Mirror
B. Mirror is a band. From Kansas City. Missouri. "A big 'thank you' to: Lock Steel, Shemp Fable, Lad Jury, Inverted Tire Iron, Mike Only, Xavier Twin, Roger Berds, II, Thrust Keen, Perry Galvanized, Nance Driving, Kendall Realistic, Birds I View (Without you guys we would be 'nowhere'), Ronny 'Mustache' Wen, Dieter Induced, Blit Guitars, Fleet Keyboards, Ing Drums, Yeltzin Acoustic Basses (What's up Chay?), Gerber Luthiers (Thanks for Viola), Oinker Tambourines ('tams'), Pleater Strings, Zip Drum heads, Leather Sticks (Russ, you are the best!!), German 'Japanese' Microphones, Richard 'The Nurse' Paint, Sonik, Bailiff, Mandible's in Houston, Jaco Limler, Dick 'Fucking' Clark, Tony Het (Yes!), Clive Twill. And to everyone we forgot: Next Time Around . . . Next Time Around!"

Forced Exposure
One of my favorite record stores. Online only; works great with a credit card. Underground music in all forms: rock, jazz, folk, techno, psychedelic, electronic, noise, punk.

The on-line headquarters of the Minneapolis/Appleton noise/comedy/
failure scene (Cock E.S.P., Wrong, Freedom From Media, many more) and an excellent resource for many other underground-expression type things. Explore the links! Join the mailing list!

Little Brother Records
An excellent rock/jazz/noise label that has put out John Fahey and the Nels Cline Trio. Also another one of my favorite record stores, focusing more heavily on the sub-underground cassette scene than Forced Exposure.

Eclipse Records
And then there's Eclipse Records, a well-stocked on-line store specializing in psychedelic music that is fast becoming the easiest place to get a lot of this stuff.

Paul Collet's Noise
A top-notch overview of underground music, esp. from New Zealand and Japan.

The Last Visible Dog

"One of the swankiest new American experimental labels."--Celebrate Psi Phenomenon.

Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
The handsome cassette and now CDR label run by Wellington, New Zealand punk rocker/sound sculptor Campbell Kneale (aka Birchville Cat Motel).

American Tapes
Terms like 'cassette underground' don't do justice to the panoply of artastic consumer goods on display here. Just in time for Christmas! (Because it's always just in time for Christmas.....)

Another leading underground label focusing on but certainly not limited to lovely, lovely cassettes....

The Onion
My favorite source for hard news.

Conway Twitty
The legend, the myth . . . the man.

Juice Newton
The great Virginia Beach/SoCal country/pop singer, not the great Lincoln noise/rock band. (Of the same name.)

I Hate Movies
I actually love movies, but I include this site because I have a feeling its editor does too despite its cheeky title. Also generated in Lincoln, and M. Silcock has some essays posted therein. While there, check out the 'sister e-zine,' White Trash.

The League of Zombies
I can't say that I subscribe to all of their beliefs, but the LOZ did turn me on to the above Conway Twitty link.

The C.M. Sienko Foundation
The readable ravings of one of Saginaw, Michigan's premiere music freaks, one Chris Sienko. Needs some serious updating, but he knows that.

Perfect Sound Forever E-Zine
Good reading about a variety of interesting music. Interviews are especially well-chosen.

Captain Beefheart
If you can dig the stomp of this irascible genius, you'll find plenty to get lost in here. I looked it up after spinning "Kandy Korn" from Mirror Man for the first time in a couple years...holy cow!

Royal Trux
Speaking of getting lost, check out Royal Trux's offical online magazine, The Pink Hearts Society. Listen to their first album or Accelerator while you do it.

I'm not positive this is a good idea, but I just have to share it.

Jack Jackson's Home Page
Please visit the home of this Lincoln, Nebraska original . . . a real Ogden Nash-cum-Mark Twain for the Age of the Internet. And please, while you're there, don't miss the Sesotris Clowns!

WFMU, 90.1 FM, Jersey City, NJ
My favorite American radio station, available to Nebraskans through the miracle of internet broadcasting. Oh how I wish the Lincoln radio audience could support such a free-form menu, so I wouldn't have to maintain a long connection to an ISP and download unwieldy software with my creaky-ass Windows system every time I wanted to hear good radio.

The Dead C
One of my top . . . six favorite bands. Making beautifully ugly music in beautiful New Zealand.

This is the "online studio of music producer Scott Colburn," a fascinating character who has to be the only person ever who has worked with both the Sun City Girls and Kirk Douglas. (He also sells pillows.)

Stumbled on this by following an Alexandro Jodorowsky link; a colorful web-mag which seems to be some sort of Tokyo-based American art-dude's take on millennial culture. Also notable because it features a pen name called "Knee High."

Label featuring the Air Traffic Controllers and a couple other things. This rather swank website is especially notable as a continuation of Gerard Cosloy's writing career...

Seldom Scene Records
A rarefied strain of underground rock has been growing in Columbus, Ohio like a black and sooty algae in High Street gutters. Not that I would call this music 'gutter punk.' Or any such thing. Seldom Scene is a label documenting the Right Now of this microscopic midwestern art, mostly through seven-inch singles. Run by Bim, the drummer of the Bassholes.

Anton Maiden
Here is a true purveyor of soul music: young Anton Gustavsson and his MIDI karaoke machine. The site for which I first downloaded an mp3 player.

The Corpus Cybermeticum
Writings by info-age philosopher Erik Davis. Sort of the Descartes, or at least the Sartre, of 1990s California, with all the fun and glitz and malaise that would imply. (Please note: I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.)

Listen to A-Musik
A notable label bringing us lovely mellow German techno. This site is notable because it has real-audio clips that are up to ten minutes long!

Virtual Relocation
When you live in Nebraska, sites like this can be fun. I'll let y'all know when I move...

Background Patterns Heaven!
This site features all kinds of backgrounds that you can use for web design. Maybe I'm being extremely old-hat here, what with today's digital technology. But I like it.

Sonic Youth
An extensive fansite dedicated to the band that blew the doors open. Which doors? Why the doors of perception, of course! I'd point you towards their 'official' site at, but I don't think they're ever going to actually start it.

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
Speaking of 'rock bands,' good interviews and some rare photos shed light on this particular psychedelic rock'n'roll archetype.

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