ones in bold type just found, incomplete

January 21, 2001  
Fela Kuti "Confusion [whole album]"
Siloah "Feast of the Pickpockets"
Liliput "Split" (Rough Trade)
Led Zeppelin "The Wanton Song"
Kendra Smith/David Roback/Keith Mitchell "[side one of Fell From the Sun]"
Nuno Canavarro "[something from Plux Quba]"
Charalambides "Where Are You Going" (Wholly Other)
Deuter "Babylon"
Deuter "Der Turm/Fluchtpunkt" [both from the D album]
Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith "By the Sea" (VHF)

December 17, 2000
Burton Greene Trio "Bloom in the Commune"   (ESP/ZYX)
Tim Buckley "Goodbye and Hello"
                       "Morning Glory"                               Goodbye and Hello (Elektra)
Amon Duul 2 "All The Years 'Round"                  Carnival in Babylon (Repertoire)
Fela Kuti "It's No Possible"                                    Expensive Shit/He Miss Road (MCA)
Alastair Galbraith "Green Dream"                          Cry (Emperor Jones)
Jazzfinger "Riverbank"
James Goode "Foment in the Brailles of Zoopsia excerpt Section 13..."
Margaret Murray "Cooks 'n' Chefs 'n' Their Assistants  
                                                                                     Bad Times Ahead For Me (Bananafish 14 comp)
Shrin "Black is the Color of my True Love's Heart"  Rin Liminal Switch (Spirit of Orr)
Damon & Naomi "Little Red Record Co."             More Sad Hits (Sub Pop)
Peter Hamill "Yoga"                                                  Over
Fred Neil "Ba-de-da"                                                The Many Sides of Fred Neil (Columbia Collector's Choice..)
Tower Recordings "Spirit of Love"                        Fraternity of Moonwalkers (Audible Hiss)
Hawkwind "We took the wrong step years ago" In Search of Space
Shuji Inaba "Fate and Fortune"                               Yoenzange (Last Visible Dog)
The Double Leopards "Domineck Drain"              The Axe Helve (Heavy Conversation)

November 26, 2000
De La Soul feat. SDP & Takagi Kan "Long Island Wildin'"
                                                                                    Buhloone Mind State (Tommy Boy)
Sun Ra "Adventure-Equation"                              Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy (Evidence)
Faust "Don't take roots"                                         71 Minutes of Faust (ReR/Cuneiform)
Skullflower "Lounge"                                              This Is Skullflower (VHF)
Bari Watt "Plastic Bag"                                           ALMS--Benefit for Terrascope
(Fleece/Worship Guitars)
Kazuki Tomokawa "[disc one track ten]"              Hoshi No Process 3CD (PSF)
Gentle Giant "Giant"                                                 Gentle Giant (Elektra/Chrysalis Prog Division)
Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson "Time Overlaps Itself"
                                                                                     Daily Dance (Warm O Brisk)
White Heaven "Fallin' Stars End"                          Out (PSF)
Supreme Dicks "Columnated Ruins/Seeing Distant Chimneys"
                                                                                     An Emotional Plague (Homestead)
Paul Guilford "Chug"                                               Raw Fa (Tempo Kannan Bail)
French Paddleboat "Meet An American"            Conversations In Metric
Bob Reigle with Surrealestate "[side two]"          Bob Reigle with Surrealestate LP (Aardwoof Records, 1977)
Cline Trio "The Luxury of Silk"                     Sad (Little Brother Records)

November 12th, 2000
Emtidi "Walkin' in the Park"
Acid Mothers "She is a rainbow in curved air" [PSF]
Fuxa "At Your Leisure"
Charlie Patton "Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues"
Surface of the Earth "4.02"
Brian Eno "St. Elmo's Fire"
Sergius Golowin "Der Reigen"
Naturaliste "[track 4 on their Plays LVD31 release]" (Last Visible Dog)
MCMS "The Great Golden Hive of the Invisible" (title track) (Eclipse)
Musica Transonic w/Keiji Haino "[track 2 from Incubation]"
Neu! "[unknown]"
CanteGitano "Soleá"
Sergius Golowin "Die WieBen Alm"

October 29, 2000
Sparks "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us" (Island)
Sandra Bell "Nostalgie de la bone" (VHF)
Acid Mothers Tempel "La Novia" [whole album] (Eclipse)
The Shaggs "It's Halloween"
The Shaggs "Who Are Parents?"
Polar Goldie Cats [something from Ecstatic Peace CD]
The Flatlanders "Bhagavon Decreed"
Thela "[track three from s/t CD]"
Velvet Underground "I'm Set Free"
NT Fan "[from the Bananafish 14 or so comp]"
Cock ESP "sound check" [from The Pride of North American Noise, I believe]
Supreme Dicks "The Sun's Bells" (Homestead)
Neutral Milk Hotel "In the Aeroplane Over The Sea" [the title track]
Robbie Basho "Mountain Man's Farewell"
Vladimir Ussachevsky "[music from line of apogee, I believe]"
Shizuka "[off Tokyo Flashback 4]"

October 22, 2000
13th Floor Elevators "Livin On"                             Bull of the Woods (Charly)
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin "Peace One"      My Goal's Beyond (Douglas)
Hood "Fields are cut"                                              Silent '88
Blue Sky Boys "Down on the Banks of the Ohio" Harry Smith's Anthology...Volume 4 (Revenant)
Sun City Girls "Extinct Special"                              Dreamy Draw (Abduction)
Sandra Bell "Holding"                                              City of Sorrow (VHF)
Sun Ra "Interstellar Low Ways"                           Visits Planet Earth/Interstellar Low Ways (Evidence)
Crush the Clown "Inside"                                       The Potato Pop EP (Deck Boy)
13th Floor Elevators "Never Another"                  Bull of the Woods (Charly)
No Neck Blues Band "[first half of side two]"      A Tabu Two (NWOS-22)
Blind Willie Johnson                                                
Faust "I've Got My Car And My TV"                    So Far (Japanese reissue)
Alistair Galbraith "Semaphore"                               Morse and Gaudylight (Emperor Jones)
G*Park "Yack"                                                           Yack Park (Zabriskie Point)
Charalambides "Denver Harbor"                            Houston (Siltbreeze)
Tom Recchion "Spaceship"                                    Chaotica
13th Floor Elevators "May The Circle Remain Unbroken"   Bull of the Woods (Charly)
Jandek "Feathered Drums"                                      Six and Six (Corwood)
Che-Sizu "Machikane"                                             Nazareth

September 23, 2000
Funkadelic "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts"   Standing on the Verge of Getting It On (Westbound)
Shizuka "Flower for the End"                                 Tokyo Underground '95 (Last Visible Dog)
Amon Duul "Sun your thurst and snow your
                                                 open mouth"            Paradieswarts Duul (Captain Trip)
Alan Sondheim "Bludgeon"
                            "Think Synk"
                            "For Planck"                                  T'Other Little Tune (ESP/ZYX)
Funkadelic "Alice In My Fantasies"
                    "I'll Stay"                                               Standing on the Verge of Getting It On (Westbound)
Kim Gordon / Ikue Mori / DJ Olive 
                              "Olive's Horn"
                              "International Spy "
                              "Neu Adult "
                              "Paperbag / Orange Laptop"    Kim Gordon / Ikue Mori / DJ Olive (SYR)
Noah Howard "Homage to Coltrane"                    At Judson Hall (ESP/ZYX)
A Band "[track six]"                                                 Live in a Canning Factory [no label]
Ezra Pound "Usurer"                                                from somewhere on the internet
A Band "[track five]"
                                                Live in a Canning Factory [no label]                

August 20, 2000
Renderers "Unforgiven"                              That Dog's Head In The Gutter Gives Off                                                                                                   Vibrations (Ajax)
MCMS "Dean Thompson, Killer of the Living"
              "Bruce Has Gone To The Great Bong in the Sky"
                                                                          MCMS (love album) (Last Visible Dog)
Vibracathedral Orchestra "wearing quid frock"
                                             "the least painful earrings"
                                                                          versatile arab chord chart (VHF)
Pearls Before Swine "Sonnet 65"                30 Years of Pearls Before Swine (Birdman)
Sunroof! "pink stream 1"
                 "bright pacific streams"               found star sound (VHF)
Modern Lovers "I'm Straight"                     The Modern Lovers (Beserkeley/Rhino)
Van Dyke Parks "The All Golden"
                             "Widow's Walk"               Song Cycle (Warner Bros.)
Simon Wickham-Smith "Qamutiik"             Butterfly Dust (VHF)
MCMS "The Midwest Center for Marsupial Simulation"
              "Bleak Beach Blues"                       MCMS (love album) (Last Visible Dog)
Gastr Del Hemp "Revenge" (excerpt)         Revenge (VHF)
Tim Buckley "Sing A Song For You"         The Peel Sessions (Dutch East)
Target Shoppers "Knacker's Yard"
                               "Teleported Foot"          EFCSSCDR (SunShip)

August 13, 2000
Patty Waters "Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight"                                 
                         "Why Can't I Come To You"
                         "You Thrill Me"
                         "Sad Am I, Glad Am I"
                         "Why Is Love Such A Funny Thing"
                         "I Can't Forget You"
                         "You Loved Me"                         Patty Waters Sings (ESP-Disk)
Can "One More Night"

         "Spoon"                                                        Ege Bamyasi (Spoon)
Amon Duul "Im Garten Sandosa"                      Psychedelic Underground (Spalax)
Van Dyke Parks "Vine Street"
                             "Palm Desert"                           Song Cycle (Warner Bros.)
Polygon Window " " [track 7]                            Surfing on Sine Waves (Warp/Wax Trax)
Folke Rabe "What??" [track 1, excerpt]            What?? (Dexter's Cigar)
Noah Howard "Patterns"                                     Patterns/Message to South Africa (Eremite)
Furry Lewis "Kassie Jones"
The Carolina Tar Heels "Got the Farmland
                                                          Blues"           Anthology of American Folk Music

July 30, 2000
Cosmic Jokers "Kinder des Alls"                       Galactic Supermarket (Spalax)
Sunny Murray "Red Cross"                                Jazzactuel (Charly)
Neu! "Hero"                                                           Neu! '75 (CD reissue, not sure of label)
Tangerine Dream "Journey Through A
                                           Burning Brain"            Electronic Meditation (CD reissue)
Amon Duul II "All The Years 'Round"              Carnival in Babylon (Repertoire)
Aphex Twin "[second track]"                             Windowlicker (Warp/Sire)
Joseph Jarman/Don Moye "Black Paladins"    Black Paladins (Black Saint)
Noring/McGee "Commanded and Seized"
                           "United Tape Company"          Execution/Operation (F.D.R. Recordings)
Neu! "Isi"                                                               Neu! '75 (CD reissue)
                                         "Day of Niagara"          Inside the Dream Syndicate Volume One
                                                                                                                   (Table of the Elements)

July 9, 2000
Nick Drake "Black Eyed Dog"                            Time of No Reply (Hannibal)
Sonic Youth "Renegade Princess"                     NYC Ghosts and Flowers (DGC)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble "Listening Together 1-2" (Emanem)
The Glavlit Agency "Procreation"
The Glavlit Agency "Peace Inside The Lines"  The Glavlit Agency (Cocky High School)
Sun City Girls "Where dead people live"           Cameo Demons and Their Manifestations
Don Cherry "brilliant action"
                      "total vibration"                                Mu First Part (Charly)
Guru Guru "Stone In"                                             UFO (ZYX)
Cluster "Soweisoso"                                               Soweiesoso (Gyroscope)
Popol Vuh "Affenstunde"                                     Affenstunde (Spalax)
Strangeloves "Night Time"
Nazz "Open My Eyes"                                           Nuggets (Sire)
Alan Silva & the Celestrial Communication Orchestra "The Seasons, Part 6"
                                                                                   Jazzactuel (Charly)
June 25, 2000 with guest programmer Kris Lapke
Bobby Womack "Across 110th Street"             Jackie Brown soundtrack (Maverick)
Brothers Johnson "Strawberry Letter 23"         Jackie Brown soundtrack (Maverick)
Big Star "Femme Fatale"                                      Sister Lovers (Dojo)
Furisubi "[untitled]"                                             Furisubi (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon; forthcoming)
Archie Shepp "Blase"                                          Jazzactuel (Charly)
Spyrocyst Tachiai "Spyrocyst Tachiai"           unreleased
Don Cherry "Teo Teo Can"                                Jazzactuel (Charly)
Claude Delcloo/Arthur Jones "Africanasia, part 1" (excerpt)
                                                                                 Jazzactuel (Charly)
Tony Allen "Asiko"                                             Black Voices (Comet)
Tsurubami "[track one]"                                      Tsurubami (Last Visible Dog; forthcoming)

June 11, 2000
Sonic Youth "Free City Rhymes"                      NYC Ghosts and Flowers (DGC)
Porter Ricks "Nautical Dub"                               Biokinetics (Chain Reaction)
Gas "[track two]"                                                  Konigsforst (Mille Plateaux)
Kousokuya "The Dreams of Recollection"      Live/Ray Night 1991-1992 Live (Forced Exposure) The Lea Riders Group "Dom Kellar os Mods" Pebbles Volume 3 (BFD)
Soft Machine "Spaced One"                               Spaced (Cuneiform)
The Bees "Voices Green and Purple"                Pebbles Volume 3 (BFD)
The Monocles "Spider and the Fly"                  Pebbles Volume 3 (BFD)
Godfrey "Let's Take A Trip"                               Pebbles Volume 3 (BFD)
Sun City Girls "Gurnam"                                      Jack's Creek (Abduction)
Peter Brotzmann Sextet "Nipples"                      Nipples (Atavistic)
Ron of Japan "[all tracks]"                                   Labyrinths & Jokes (Hanson)
Kraftwerk "Klingklang"                                        Kraftwerk 2

April 30, 2000
Laurie Anderson "Sharkey's Day"                   Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros.)
Kan Mikami "[track four]"                                 13/4,900,089,658 (PSF)
King Crimson "Starless and Bible Black"        Starless and Bible Black (E'G)
13th Floor Elevators "Dust"
                                    "Nobody to Love"
                                    "Baby Blue"                     Easter Everywhere (Collectables)
Bruce Russell "The War Between Technology and Desire (cutup version)"
                                                                                Maximalist Mantra Music (Crank Automotive)
Doramaar "Monestrial"                                      Terra Incognita (Fusetron)
The Stooges "Dirt"                                             Funhouse (Elektra)
John Cale "Big White Cloud"                           Vintage Violence (Columbia)
Help Yourself "Eating Duneburgers"              Ptolemaic Terrascope #28 compilation
Anima~Sound "Traktor Go Go Go"                 Musik Fur Alle (Algha Marghen)
Jack Smith "Love is Strange" (excerpt)           Les Evenings Gowns Damnees (Audio Artkive)
Shizuka "Awanorata"                  
              "Flowers for the End"                          Live Shizuka (Persona Non Grata)
Laurie Anderson "Sharkey's Night"                Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros.)

April 23, 2000
Fripp/Eno "Wind on Water"
                   "Evening Star"                                  Evening Star (E'G)
The Dead C "Stealth"                                         7-inch (Sub Pop)
Unrest "Isobel"                                                    Isabel Bishop EP (4AD)
John Fahey "In A Persian Market"                  Old Fashioned Love (Takoma)
White Heaven "My Cold Dimention"              Out (PSF)
The Renderers "Free"                                         Urban Meadows compilation (Broken Face)
Six Organs of Admittance "Lament for Summer"
Mac Macleod "Codine"   
Greg Weeks "For Chan"
The Pins "Brittle Starling/Untitled"                  This is POT compilation (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
The Dead C "The Factory"                                7-inch (Sub Pop)
Six Organs of Admittance "Maria"
                             "Sum of All Heaven"              s/t LP (Pavilion)
Oval "Mediation"                                                Systemisch (Thrill Jockey)
Kan Mikami "[track 3]"                                       13/4,900,089,658 (PSF)
Dunlavy "Mastodon"                                         Urban Meadows comp (Broken Face)
Matt Valentine "Travelling With Friends"      MV Fantasizes, Daydreams.... (Child of Microtones)
Hood "All My Friends Are Dead"                    Urban Meadows comp (Broken Face)
Panacea vs. Advanced Academy "DECB"     Decay comp (Ash International)
Charalambides "Rehearsal"                                Urban Meadows comp (Broken Face)
Shrin "A Toast to Despair"                               Rin Liminal Switch Vol. 2 & 1 (Spirit of Orr)

April 9, 2000
TheCrazy World of Arthur Brown "Time/Confusion"
Annexas Quam "track one of Osmose" [Spalax]
Alistair Galbraith "Head Soup Dream" [Crawlspace]
French Paddleboat "Parcels to Sea" [Scratch]
R. Stevie Moore "Hour of Delight" [Fruit of the Tune]
The Mike Gunn"Mr. Fog/Uptight but Alright" [Fleece]
Brian Eno "Mother Whale Eyeless" [E'G]
Brian Eno "Put A Straw Under Baby" [E'G]
Atman "Lullaby for Rainbow Warrior" [Drunken Fish]
The Dead C "Speed Kills" [Flying Nun]
The Dead C "The Wheel" [Flying Nun]
The Dead C "Three Years" [Flying Nun]
R!!! S!!! "Shantideva" [VHF]
Terry Riley "Concert for 2 Pianos and 5 Tape Recorders" [Organ of Corti]
RST "Dark Star" [Corpus Hermeticum]
R. Stevie Moore "Can't Afford No Food" [Fruit of the Tune]
Tower Recordings "Livingston 5 Pathogen" [Audible Hiss]
Jandek "What Did I Hear" [Corwood Industries]
Azalia Snail "[something off Snailbait]"
Neil Young "The Last Trip to Tulsa" [Reprise]

March 26, 2000
Syd Barrett "Baby Lemonade"                          Barrett (Capitol)
C.O.B. "Let It Be You"                                        Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan... (Lotus Records)
Shuji Inaba "Morning in Zimbwabwe"            Land of Prayer (PSF)
French Paddleboat "The Market's Price"        Conversions in Metric (Scratch)
Pimmon "Jaipur Haba"                                       Copper Hats (Freedom From)
Rafael Toral "Soft Energy 1"                             Sound Mind Sound Body (Moikai)
Oval "Do While"                                                 94 Diskont (Thrill Jockey)
Jandek "Lost Cause"                                          (Corwood)
John Olson "[most of side one]"                      Sand Bagged Lagoon (American Tapes)
La Gloria "Jeremiad"
                 "Where Is There To Go?"
                 "Dour With The Dust Of Angels"  Jeremiad (Furry Bear/Freedom From)
Kjetil D. Brandsdal "Intent Kliss Og Foleri"   s/t (Ecstatic Peace!)
Makoto Kawabata "Shin"                                  Inui (SIWA)
Planet TR "Distilling"                                         Let the Cosmos Ring (Spirit of Orr)
Sonic Youth "(She's In A) Bad Mood"
                       "Protect Me You"
                       "Freezer Burn/I Wanna Be Your Dog"
                       "Making the Nature Scene"        Confusion is Sex (SST)

Sometime in December, 1999        
Burger/Ink "bring trance back (to las
                         vegas) [blue hotel]"                     [las vegas] (Matador)
Can "A Man Named Joe"                                     Delay 1968 (Spoon)
MV Holoscanner Exhibition
       "the goddamned joyousness of earth"       Ego Synchronicity Music (Audible Hiss)
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
                             "On Tomorrow"                         Safe As Milk (Buddha)
Royal Trux "Chances Are The Comets
                                    In Our Future"                    Twin Infinitives (Drag City)
Guns Books & Tools "Low Speed Chase"        A Polite Pre-recorded Voice (CO2)
Dewey Redman "Boody"                                      The Ear of the Behearer (Impulse)
Gyatees w/Mani Neumier "I Love Love You"    Self-titled (Captain Trip)
Angus MacLise "Shortwave-India"
                         "Heavenly Blue Pt. 4&5"
                         "Humming In The Night Skull"    The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda
Burger/Ink "milk & honey"                                    [las vegas] (Matador)
Wende Bartley "Ellipsis"                                       "Claire-voie" (empreintes DIGITALes)
Solid Eye "Baby Spiders Everywhere"               When The Snowman Starts To Talk (Senseworks)
Autechre "gnit"                                                      Tri Repetae (Warp)
Bethlehem "Schuld Uns'res Knoch'rigen Faltpferd"       Gummo soundtrack (Innerstate/London)

May 16, 1999
The Dead C. "Children"                                     Eusa Kills (Flying Nun)
Sun City Girls "Cineraria Blue"                          330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond the Rig Veda
Eschaton  "[excerpt]"                                          self-released/self-titled  
Linus Pauling Quartet "Cole Porter"             
Hood "For A Moment, Lost"                             Ptolemaic Terrascope #26 compilation
Small Blue Torch "[disc one, track five]"         Small Blue Torch (Last Visible Dog)
Bootsy's Rubber Band "Munchies For
                                                   Your Love"        Ah! The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (Casablanca)
Motherhead Bug "Mr. Whistle"                       Raised by Insects . . . Bugview 7-inch (Lungcast)
Kan Mikami "III"                                                  Jazz and Other Things (PSF)
Kjertl del Brondo Group "Spare Embryo"
                                            "Pieces Of Yr Face"
                                            "Godco. "

                                            "Government Accident "      7-inch EP (Smalltown Supersound?)
Elder Otis Jones "Holy Mountain"                     American Primitive Volume One (Revenant)
Brian Eno "Sombre Reptiles"
                  "Little Fishes"
                                      Another Green World (e'g)
Gilles Gobeil "Le Vertige Inconnu"                      La mecanique des ruptures (empreintes DIGITALes)
Mainliner "Show The Cloven Hoof"                   Psychedelic Polyhedron (Fractal)


guest playlist by Joe Krings...



I wish that I could put a radio station on which was more eclectic in the songs that it plays. I don't mind hearing "No Scrubs" by TLC but I'd like to hear "Riverman" by Nick Drake before it and Def Leppard after it.

-- the right honorable Marty Willson-Piper

I read an article in Rolling Stone in the '70s about the passing of Tom Donahue. The person was writing a story tangential to that and asked, "Why can't radio be like a mix of Glenn Gould back-to-back with some Folkways ethnic shit back-to-back with Howlin' Wolf back-to-back with Jimmy Cliff?" That always struck me as being very important. My philosophy about FM and radio in general comes from that article, reading it as a young kid, and it was like, "Yes! Exactly." Mix it all up. Mix opera -- I love opera. it's the highest form. It is the greatest music of all. Anybody who can't get around it is an idiot.

-- the possibly even more honorable Tom Smith


Doing a radio show devoted to eclectic and underground music in Lincoln, Nebraska can seem like a fool's game. But we've been doing it anyway for four or five years running. Other Music, airing 10 PM to Midnight every Sunday on Lincoln's co-op radio station, KZUM 89.3 FM, is a weekly two-hour show devoted to music that wouldn't otherwise be heard on the radio. Unpopular music. The kind of music that makes jocks uncomfortable. Jocks and businessmen (there isn't much difference in Nebraska) hate it because it surprises people so much that their competetive streak shuts right down. You'd be surprised too if Tim Buckley, John Coltrane, Iannis Xenakis, Nautical Almanac, The Dead C, Cock ESP, Charalambides, Noah Howard, Aphex Twin, Jimi Hendrix, the Flamingoes, T. Rex, and 1980s hip hop were all coming out of your radio during a two hour span.

And yeah, we ripped the name off from the store in NYC. Really lame, I agree. It does describe the format, and I don't think the store will mind, and if they do, we'll change it. (E-mail us at if there is a problem.) We don't think it's a great name for the show. It's fine for the store, and it's really pretty okay for the show, but we should've named it something more hip and obscure, like Radio Cauliflower, or . . . hey, I kinda like that. "Radio Cauliflower." Hmmm.





  Are you people looking for sexy radio? You've clearly come to the right place. From L-R, Steven R. Rolfsmeier, Dr. Mark Falstaff, Matthew Silcock, and "Mr. Mixx" himself, Jaki Lovetime. Tune in to KZUM 89.3 FM, from 10PM to Midnight every Sunday, for surprising, mysterious, and unforgettably [edited].  


PLEASE NOTE: Sales pitch only applicable when in the Lincoln, Nebraska area from 10PM to Midnight on a Sunday. No "streaming" internet audio yet, or probably ever.

visit the KZUM website




The Other Music radio show CONTINUES TO THIS DAY with yet another mysterious cabal of hosts, this time known as "The Jass Halos." Sundays 10PM-Midnight, KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE. They have a website.





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