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good morning
sock the monkey, monk. (Picture courtesy Justin Firestone.)
the Cheyntara band once played music inside this sculpture at like 2AM
from Arizona, the Sun City Girls
I like picking up corn with my friends because we would help each other find corn on the ground. We would go in different rows. I would get alot and I would give one to my friend. We were sharing all our corn with each other. We rode in the
combine together. We each got one piece of corn off the combine. My friend and I now know where Mrs. Lindner lives. She
lives about 5 miles from the corn field. We had a good time at the corn field. It was cold walking back to Mrs. Lindner. Picking
corn is a farmer's job. It takes about 2 months to harvest all their corn. If it rains really bad, it is hard on their crops and animals.
When we walked back my bag broke and some of my corn spilled.
ladies and gentlemen, Barry Goudreau

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