MCMS (The Midwest Center For Mass Spectrometry)

darkly atmospheric "grey on black" color scheme

mysterious band photo:

aren't we mysterious?




Factory in Heaven (Last Visible Dog, 1997)
Festum Asinorum (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1998)
MCMS 3 (Last Visible Dog, 1999)
MCMS 4 (a/k/a Always Cop To Love) (Last Visible Dog,1999)
Yermo/MCMS split (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1999)
Angels (Unread, 2000)
The Great Golden Hive Of The Invisible (Eclipse, 2002)
Nebraska (Public Eyesore, 2003)




Soothing Sounds For Collector Scum double C60 (Seagull Tapes) has an excerpt from our as yet unreleased epic "Music For Cutting Out CDR Inserts"; a long time ago Brian Noring released, on his Time Capsule Vol. 2 various artists mega-mix (FDR Tapes), several excerpts from the sessions for the then still forthcoming MCMS 4 (Always Cop To Love) ; we've got a track from our show in Brooklyn that's going on the next Jewelled Antler comp; we should have something on a Freedom From comp that was going to come out four years ago....anything else out there?








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