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#1017: THE CARROT PEELERS-Jazz Tangent EP
Quasi-flamenco acoustic guitar duets. Both Peelers admit to having listened to the Robbie Basho Guitar Soli CD on the night they recorded this.
#1016: PROTEUS FILMS-September Song
One knock-down drag-out 30-minute side in which the Films show off some new pedals and old instruments. "...mesmerising subaudible tinklefestage of the noblest rankage" said one critic who knows.
All of us here at High-Knee are very excited about this, our first "hardcore" release. Less than 30 minutes, featuring material from I'm So Lonely Studios and the entirety of a memorable concert in the living room of High-Knee HQ. OUT OF PRINT, REISSUED BY COCKEY HIGH SCHOOL.
#1014: CHEYNTARA-"^^^^^^^66666^^^^^^^"
"The title symbol is supposed to represent some sort of demonic bird that will appear on Judgement Day. That sort of Hollywood scenario in which Judgment Day consists of demons rising up to destroy the world and God is suddenly called into action to save all the important people that he can. It's a recasting of the Noah myth. Considered now, in the 'future,' the Noah myth naturally leads to some sort of spaceship scenario, in which people get on spaceships and get whisked away to God. So the music on this cassette is supposed to represent demonic birds, cityscapes being destroyed, and Earth people, who may or may not be members of a suicidal UFO cult, escaping in spaceships." Sheez. Sounds to me like one guy playing 'apocalyptic' electric guitar.
#1013: DAWN RICKLES WITH P. SNAKER-Live in Rochester
Comedy by P. Snaker, recorded in a van in Rochester, NY. "Musique concrete" by DJ Dawn Rickles, recorded at High-Knee HQ.
#1012: MCMS-Factory in Heaven
Cassette version of this act's debut platter--sounds "different" than the CDR on Last Visible Dog.
Uniquely slippery improv guitar, with acoustic and electric sides.
#1010: NAT SHAMROCK-Night Games
Tired of waiting for his hero, Prince, to finally make another good album, Mr. Shamrock took matters into his own hands with his 4-track. The result is the best Prince album since Graffiti Bridge.
#1009: PROTEUS FILMS-Octoberevolution
A 100-minute cassette featuring two duo improvs that give "overlong" a weird name; electric guitars, trap set, toys, effects, etc. Quality stuff, getting into a sort of downhome AMM territory, not that I've ever listened to it all in one sitting.
#1008: PROTEUS FILMS-Ride in the Whirlwind
One-half of Merthiolate created this drenched document of their "Wyoming howl" for performing electric guitar duo.
#1007: CHEYNTARA-Great Plains Music
. . . the plains of Saturn, that is!!! Via the Corn Palace studio, GE dictaphone, and the amplification technology of Peavey.
#1006: CHEYNTARA-Live in Lincoln
Improvisational smoke and late-night street-dada. Found sounds and folk-rock. Mostly recorded outdoors.
#1005: IO-Duo
2/3 of High-Knee flagship band Think/Ozona Getaway/Skyboxed/???. (Guitar and drums.) 40 minutes worth of boom-box tape documenting about 45 minutes of basement jamming. 9 or 10 shorter numbers pile up to create a spacey 'burning Morricone' sound.
45 straight minutes of ecstatic trance music from 1995 by a creative writing professor, a co-op grocery store manager, a pizza delivery guy, and some other weirdo. out of print -- reissued on CDR. (see below)
#1003: SHLARN SHKLRNKI-The Soundworld of Shlarn Shklrnki
Last name rhymes with "turn-key." (The "u" is invisible. Real name: Steve Schneider, recently re-seen via the Foreign Lands label.) Two mellow-ass 1996 sides of Omaha tone float, created in a real-life ambient kitchenette. Last copies.
#1002: THINK-Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies
Hodge-podge of post-jazz goofery; contains Miles Davis and Funkadelic covers, fucked pop songs, an ace 14-minute free/noise blowout from early 1995 ("Frail Safety Media Burns"), along with about 40 other minutes of whatever came to mind. Two or three copies left.
#1001: THINK-Music for Student Films
Gtr/bs/drums free punk with secret classic rock influence. Recommended only to those who are fans of both Jimi Hendrix and SST Records, not just one or the other. Recorded in 1993. OUT OF PRINT.



A compilation of insane moments in public broadcasting, 1996-1998, as realized on 90.3 KRNU FM when none of the authorities were listening. (There were complaints, but the authorities, god bless 'em, didn't really care. Beer was drunk in the studio more than once, and no one ever got in trouble for that either.) Featuring the Words posse (DJ Wanna Be A Big Star, Mr. Egomix, Professor Krackpipe) and assorted guests, this landmark radio show featured taboo-breaking media crinkle noise-jamming at a peak not heard before or since in this here cowtown.


 THINK The Drift
Reissue of the Last Visible Dog release. Think's best album. See the Think page for excerpts of every track.


Reissue of the Last Visible Dog release. 45 straight minutes of ecstatic trance music from 1995 by a creative writing professor, a co-op grocery store manager, a pizza delivery guy, and some other goofball.
Reissue of a High Knee cassette.


 TV CITY Funk Shui
The duo of Shane Aspegren and Matt Silcock, in both their basement warehouse practice space and a Pro Tools studio, concoct strange, feel-good/feel-sad, airy, 98% instrumental electro-rock. As this is essentially a no label 'demo CD' (-R), you can get it for $5 ppd.

  TV CITY The Leaky Roof Remixes
"Tracks incorporating the untreated sound of the roof of a rental house leaking in at least seven different places onto a loudly resonating tarp during the quiet part of a very dark and rainy spring day." For live shows, TV City mixed these same tapes into the set via a 4-track running through the P.A. or a guitar amp. All sorts of remixing went into each live performance of these tapes, mostly by live-only member Joe Krings. It was what we in the biz like to call 'set glue,' the bizarre, quite danceable groove of that leaking roof a reoccuring presence in between songs, and serving as the rhythm track for "Leaky Roof Blues" from Funk Shui. $5 ppd.



Permanently in the works:
DJ DRUNK--Rocks C10
JUICE NEWTON--The Arguments C10
NAT SHAMROCK--Songs:Nebrasko CDR
THINK--Skyboxed 3-CDR


2158 N. Mozart 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60647

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