live at
13th & Howard, in the Old Market of Omaha, Nebraska

all the way from Argentina, it's

"REYNOLS started its activities in 1993 in Argentina. Since that date the work of the band has been basically oriented to improvisation, droning and deep experimental research, etc., employing diverse acoustic & electric instruments, tapes and electronics. The group is led by Miguel Tomasín, an amazing musician who suffers Down´s Syndrome. The fact that Reynols integrates a handicapped member is not casual, actually the band´s forrays into musical experimentation are guided by the inmense freedom of Tomasín´s mind, giving a challenging and unique character to this project. The line-up is completed with musicians Robeto Conlazo & Anla Courtis, and enlarged with several guests. At the moment the band has more than 30 releases in Europe, USA and Japan. During the years the band´s activities has included: concerts for plants, tributes to dry ice, psychic energy refractions with toothbrushes, noise performances in public squares, etc."


"late is the solo-project of mpls native M St-Germain, founder of MPLS media label Freedom From. there are many things outside of this simple explanation that can describe late, but what will be appearing on this tour will be a very quiet and subtle organic free-music, utlizing both silence and broken equipment, as well as exploring deep hazes and stares that leave the head fuzzy and warm.""



"nebraskan fatness…they throw down a good line of sunroof!/total/no neck/east bionic symphonia/electric light orchestra/iancu dumitrescu style sprawling primordial ooziness"-brian treblequake, WPRB FM, Princeton

from Omaha
"minimalist improv soundscapes"

(thanks to Naturaliste for setting up this great show)

Show starts around 8PM? E-mail for info...

HERE'S A SHOW THAT HAPPENED A WHILE BACK, and I just haven't had the heart to take down this flier yet:

live at
Duffy's Tavern

is proud to present



The spring and summer 2000 live performances represent both the past and the future of Cock E.S.P. Besides performing the infamous harsh and violent live noise as they have done for the past several years, the group is also incorporating electro-acoustic improvisation in the traditionalist style of Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, broken hardcore electronica influenced by V/VM, and deviant attempts at song structure in the vein of Milovan Srdenovic. For most tour dates, the usual two-piece line-up will be augmented by additional players including Weasel Walter, leader of the free jazz ensemble The Flying Luttenbachers as well as the black metal band Hatewave, and Misty Martinez, last seen as the live stripper for the glam-noise group To Liveand Shave in L.A.

for tour dates and mp3's go HERE

MATT BACON electric guitar, synthesizer, noise
E.W. HAGSTROM amplified acoustic guitar, flute, noise
WEASEL WALTER saxophone, percussion, noise

come early!
from 9-10PM Martina Hingis will be 'serving' drinks!


with "top Lincoln opening act":



lincoln's favorite freedom rock band make their first appearance in a year and a half...



underground music vs. million-dollar football programs!
see old news



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